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It’s not easy for organisations to become and stay GDPR and or ISO 9k compliant. Even without GDPR no organisation wants to be the source of data-leaks. Privacy considers a fundamental right of persons. It is therefore mandatory to have policies and measures in place to protect these rights. We are very motivated to help you supporting and protecting these rights. Wouldn’t it be great having a complete and veracious view on all your privacy sensitive data? Qixium SDT does all of that!

“Everything we do, we believe that all people have the right to be protected in their privacy”

“Automatic landscaping, reporting and prevention of privacy data leaks”

We deliver “Privacy Aware People”. Try it?


Our Qixium Sensitive Data Tools deliver the following values.

Limit Risk of Fines

Limit Risk of Fines

Providing full vision on the sensitive data landscape and preventing sensitive data being present in non-production environments, risks of data-leaks and fines are strongly reduced.

Up to 80% Time Saving

Up to 80% Time Saving

Manually managing the “Register of processing activities” is very time consuming. With the spiral discovery and classification up to 80% time saving can be achieved, with much higher accuracy.

Get notified of changes

Get notified of changes

Unlike manual inventories, the spiral inventory and classification pro-actively reports (unauthorized) changes in the sensitive data landscape.

Support data subject rights

Support data subject rights

Qixium SDT supports the rights of information and right to be forgotten and reports, based on retention times, data subjects not removed from data sources throughout the landscape.

Prioritize policy implementation

Prioritize policy implementation

Providing detailed top-down information of the level of sensitivity you will be able to prioritize implementation of policies and measures.

Support privacy by design

Support privacy by design

The detailed spiral discovery and classification mechanism provides exact details of sensitive data duplication within and between data sources, required to support privacy by design.

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Our Team

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  • Ale, Joost (CEO)
    Ale, Joost (CEO)

    Already in 1987 I started my carrier as technical sales, selling data communication solutions to connect systems and to improve processes. Although the world has completely changed since then, getting things connected and making sure your privcay is protected today is even more actual than ever before.


  • Scheunhage, Marc
    Scheunhage, Marc

    As senior consultant delivering solutions that makes a customer happy is what I enjoy most!

  • Bont, Lars de
    Bont, Lars de

    Helping people is something I always like to do. The support desk is the right place for me. I enjoy it because it has a lot of variation. Everything together; Support is the place to be!

  • Fundter, Jack
    Fundter, Jack

    Building applications and tools has always been an passion of mine. To start from scratch and see them grow during development gives me adrenaline. I also specialize in making connections to applications to automate the workflow!

  • Kelkboom, Carlos
    Kelkboom, Carlos

    I’ve always liked diversity. Whether it was in my studies, my music or in my work as an Engineer; I’ve always found exitement in the diversity of the tasks. I try to write testable and pretty code which works now and in the future.

  • Steeg, Marcel van de (COO)
    Steeg, Marcel van de (COO)

    In my current role I try to make sure customers, partners and colleagues are working together in the most optimized way!


  • Visser, Guido
    Visser, Guido

    Building things has always been a passion of mine. Seeing a static design from Photoshop come to life during development is awesome.

  • Bakker, Bradley
    Bakker, Bradley

    In my current role I facilitate in growing (not only in numbers) our great team and adapting new ways to collaborate and innovate in order to further materialize our future plans & dreams!

  • Gijsbertsen, Peter
    Gijsbertsen, Peter

    I’ve always liked to be in control. Managing systems and internal processes for a small company feels rewarding when you see that everything just works!

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