Let us explain our 6 core values:

Limit Risk of Fines

Providing full vision on the sensitive data landscape and preventing sensitive data being present in non-production environments, risks of data-leaks and fines are strongly reduced.


Up to 80% Time saving

Manually managing the “Register of processing activities” is very time consuming. With the spiral discovery and classification up to 80% time saving can be achieved, with much higher accuracy.


Get notified of changes

Unlike manual inventories, the spiral inventory and classification pro-actively reports (unauthorized) changes in the sensitive data landscape.



Support data subjects rights

Qixium SDT supports the rights of information and right to be forgotten and reports, based on retention times, data subjects not removed from data sources throughout the landscape.


Prioritize policy implementation

Providing detailed top-down information of the level of sensitivity you will be able to prioritize implementation of policies and measures.


Support privacy by design

The detailed spiral discovery and classification mechanism provides exact details of sensitive data duplication within and between data sources, required to support privacy by design.


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